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Every business needs an App

Publish all of your business information, products and services in the app stores and share your information instantly to mobiles and to the web.

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Share everything about anything in seconds right from your mobile. Pick the topic, pick the Kick and share - Your audience will be see the news instantly in your KickFeed on their mobile device.


It's all in the feed

Share information about your business, service or event.

Easy to share

Share your feed easily with a unique QR code or unique FeedCode.

Instant information

Change any of your Feed information quickly and instantly.

Private or public

You choose if your feed is public or invitation only.


Videos and images

Create videos or take pictures and share them instantly in your feed.

A Kick for all occasions

Kicks contain videos, images, location info, business info, galleries, text and headlines.

What's on top?

You decide the order of your Kicks and what appears where and when.

It's a date . . .

Choose to publish your Kicks on a certain date and expire them when needed.

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